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Dare to Let go!

WFH or WFO – What works for you?

Both regular in-office jobs and freelancing have their pros and cons
And the choice is entirely yours to make.

If you’ve landed here though, it’s probably because you are wondering how you can work from home and still manage the myriad of other responsibilities you have.

You’re perhaps:

  • On a career break & looking for avenues to get back your work-footing
  • A student wanting to start earning and take charge of your finances
  • A retired senior who wants to FINALLY be your own BOSS
  • A working professional who wants to pursue a side hustle and eventually convert it into a lucrative income stream
  • A home maker looking for some extra income.

It’s time to let go of procrastination, put a pause on second thoughts, and conquer the uncertainty.

We know that feeling of being overwhelmed and wallowing in self-doubt. because that’s exactly how BYN was born!

And that’s why BYN is here to help and guide you through the initial rough patches of freelancing.

Our trainer has been there and done that – and she’ll help you achieve the same success she has.


A veteran blogger created BlogYourNiches (BYN) in May, 2020. Initially, started as a blogging website, it soon expanded to offering content writing services as well as training.

With over a decade of experience in diverse niches, domains, and verticals, the founder has now amassed her own team of researchers and writers.

Be Your Own Boss

WFH/Freelance Workshop
Two days of 1+ hour each packed with information about how to get started freelancing and monetize your skill. Learn what you need, how to find jobs, and a whole lot of little things that nobody talks about.
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Content Writing Workshop
Two days of 1+ hour each packed with information about content writing including industry landscape, job sources, pricing, and more.
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Content Writing for Beginners
5 days of live sessions packed with the what, when why, and how of content writing coupled with practical hands-on training.
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Advanced Content Writing
5 days of live sessions packed with industry knowledge, the little nuances that make content engaging and a whole lot more coupled with hand-holding to generate a quality blog.
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Complete handholding through the process of creating and hosting your portfolio ready to showcase your skills to your client.
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Hand-holding through live jobs so that you can say with confidence that you deliver quality
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Are you ready to take the first step?

We know you have a ton of questions from how to start freelancing right up to how to scale and grow.

Discover your stage and reach out to us. BYN can and will help.

  1. Start by getting your feet wet with our workshops
  2. Take the first baby steps into content writing
  3. Scale up your freelancing career as a content writer
  4. Build a kickass portfolio and get a single URL to share with prospective clients
  5. Get hand-holding with live jobs
  6. Train your team content writers

Come in, bring your best self, and let us help you with a power bank of knowledge and skills.

Start with our beginner-friendly workshops

Learn the Basics and Become A Pro at Content Writing!