About Blog Your Niches

Blog Your Niches (BYN) was created in May, 2020, by a veteran blogger. Initially, started as a blogging site, it soon expanded to offering content writing services as well as training.

The name was inspired by a vision to carry forward the success of her dream to blog about any niche, industry, or domain.

Having ventured into content writing way back in 2011, the founder found her niche in writing tech blogs. Unable to sustain on technology alone, she ventured into other niches and verticals. Today BYN offers a range of content writing services in a spectrum of industries and niches.

With over a decade of experience in diverse niches, domains, and verticals, the founder has now amassed her own team of researchers and writers for BYN-CW.

BYN’s areas of strength include travel, hospitality, branding and marketing, fashion, HR, Education, B2B, finance, healthcare, automobiles, beauty, and wellness, hospitality, and more.

Our Trainer

Words always mesmerized her. 

She dreamed of a profession that had anything to do with words. 

And she found her calling in content writing.

And so when it came time to get back her footing after a career break, she resolved to make it as a freelance writer slowly spreading her wings. She wrote for renowned brands like Club Mahindra, Godrej, Ford, and HDFC.

She’ll take you on a journey from starting as a freelancer and learning the basics of CONTENT WRITING right up to becoming a PRO content writer.

She’ll help you carefully curate your portfolio and showcase your skills.

She’ll hold your hand and guide you when you are overwhelmed.